What is the purpose of all?

This is something I’ve been wondering about for years now. Most of the time, I don’t understand why we are here and do the things we do. We know that we will die for sure, and it can happen at any time meanwhile. So what is the purpose of all? I often hear that people live and do their best to leave the world a better place for the next generations. However, do the next generations appreciate that? I can see people are becoming more dumb, selfish, and superficial than ever. Does that mean that the world will cease to exist when everyone is thinking about themselves and less about how to contribute to the common good? Less than 100 years ago, millions of people used to die in wars and had completely different values than now. I feel we live in a simulated reality. Especially with the advancement of technology, my questions about meaning and existence are rising in number. Is it really due to my anxiety disorder, or do I have a right to have those frequent thoughts? I will be happy to hear somebody’s opinion on this matter.

I honestly don’t know whether I have an answer to most of your questions. We are many creatures on this planet who have different purposes. Therefore, you must identify what you want to do the most to feel happy and content with yourself. I can understand that especially struggling with anxiety it might not be that clear what is your true purpose. However, you can keep a journal and write how you feel about this topic each day. Then after some time, analyze what you have written and find the common pattern. I hope this helps a little.

I support the previous comment. Additionally, you can read about different cultures and how each culture perceives the world. You might find some interesting concepts that would give you another perspective of purpose. Otherwise, therapy and consulting with a specialist are always good options.

I would say that we all have those questions from time to time. The thing is that you should not allow them to turn into obsession and hinder your daily activities. My best advice is to keep yourself occupied with real things. In this way, you will have a sense of purpose. Therefore, when you eventually get slammed by similar thoughts, you will have the strength not to let them discourage you.

The purpose is to be a nice and honest person, do what you like, and stay calm. Short answer, but you don’t need to hear much more.

The purpose should be to spread love and help each other become better people. I gave up having sophisticated thoughts about meaning, purpose, etc., and now everything feels better.

I agree with this the most. Being caring, empathetic, and generous can help you reach a sense of belongingness and inner satisfaction.

I appreciate your perspectives. I don’t regret posting this here, and I’m grateful for all the replies. However, now I am even more confused. I will consider every answer and see how close to me it is and then text back.

I am sorry to hear. Indeed we tried to help, but your approach to thinking about each comment is also intelligent. I am curious to see what you mostly agree with.

I am back. I thought about the comments and what each member was trying to say. I like the mod’s suggestion that I should explore more cultures and get more perspectives about the world. I also agree with Joon that love should be the root of all. Overall, I will take a piece of each advice and use it while continuing my search for meanig.

I am happy I gave you some inspiration about the purpose of things. Otherwise, explore, and please share if you come to some other interesting conclusions.

Thanks for appreciating my advice. I don’t know where you come from, but you can start learning more about Asian countries and their views about the world.

I have always wanted to visit Japan, but I can’t make it right now due to lots of work. I love the Asian culture and people overall. They’re so kind, hard-working, and optimistic. At least I can read more about the culture. :slightly_smiling_face:

What an interesting discussion has been formed here. If we see the world like a puzzle, knowing more about every culture and place can bring more pieces together. However, this is well beyond traveling for exploring food and popular tourist destinations.

I like the analogy you made. If things were easy, then it wouldn’t be interesting. Instead, the author of the topic should feel enthusiastic about the truths he is about the find.

I feel highly enthusiastic, Yoanna. I also noticed that we who have OCD are somehow impatient, including myself. I am learning how to trust the process and be more peaceful while doing so.

Most of us with OCD are impatient indeed. I became more patient through the years, but time also passes more quickly after finishing school, university, etc. You are on the right path, though. :100:

It’s strange, but I see many adult people even more impatient than young teenagers. Maybe it has to do with having less time for certain things and valuing their time overall. It is good to be patient with things that are worth it.

I am relatively impatient mainly because of this. I don’t want to waste my time on unimportant things. The problem is my high intolerance for wasting time. I often miss good opportunities by not being open-minded enough to try. I realized it this year and am working towards changing it. Please take it as you want. Maybe it helps someone.

I see what you mean. However, we do not have the energy and the time to try everything that sounds interesting. Maybe keep a plan of your goals and a few things that you eventually want to try in your free time. Make sure all this is manageable at the given period.