What is the purpose of all?

Last year, I ordered a vision board from Etsy, and it’s a life-changer. I tend to forget about my goals and get easily distracted, but with the vision board, i see my path to progress every day, and it’s impossible to lose track of it.

Vision boards work. I don’t know why more people don’t use them. I used to have a vision board in my room years ago, but now I have it electronically as my wallpaper on my PC.

Recently I’ve been preoccupied with taking care of my baby and the household, which made me forget about my own needs. I like to come here and read some fresh ideas like this one. I send you hugs and hope, everyone.

Thank you, dear Anna. It is incredible to hear that our discussions refresh you. I also feel myself here, as if I’ve been having coffee with a friend in real life. Judging by your words, I guess your postpartum OCD is under control apart from being busy at home.

You are right. I need to find a balance between things, and it’s not going to be easy because I am usually at one of the two extremes. I have a friend who is really balanced in his actions, words, and life overall. Maybe he can help me with some advice.

I think that asking your friend for advice is a good idea. However, don’t get surprised if they can’t give you specific steps to follow to become calmer. Usually, we are doing things in a way that is our own and can’t explain how we do that.

My postpartum OCD is almost gone now. I feel great, and most importantly, I feel myself again. How have you been these days, dear Sofie?

You are a real hero :hugs: I am feeling good overall, but there are many decisions I am about to make, and I sometimes catch myself feeling anxious. Also, the heat doesn’t make it easier for me - I need moderately cold weather to feel good.

I believe that most habits are created during childhood. Even how we behave and feel about ourselves can be traced back to those years. If I ask my friend the right questions, I can probably understand what makes him so balanced and try to eventually imply it in my own life.

I think you answered your question. Since most habits are created during childhood, you can look back and identify what events made you act the way you do. If it’s difficult, you can always visit a psychologist who will help you break some unhealthy patterns.

It’s pretty easy to break a bad habit using the 21/90 rule. You simply need to be consistent. How the 21/90 rule helps you build good habits and a better life - CapeSpace
I have changed two annoying habits using this rule and now have the new ones as part of my lifestyle.

I know about this rule but never technically tried it in my life. Usually, for me changing habits is way faster for like 1-2 weeks, and I have a new habit. I hope it’s going to be an easy solution for @smartasheck too.

You have a significant advantage in building new habits that quickly. I hope you don’t build bad habits so fast, though :sweat_smile:. For me, it takes at least a month to get used to a new activity or process lastingly.