What is the purpose of all?

I am totally supportive of your words above. Building great habits as early as possible makes life way less problematic.

Yeah, it’s way easier to learn while growing up. However, for those who feel they didn’t have the proper upbringing, there is still a chance to build up great habits and change their lives.

Of course, there is, and those individuals will be way more content with themselves if they manage to accomplish everything from scratch. Every day I realize that nothing is entirely good or bad. There are always two sides to the coin.

Unfortunately, most people are not good at taking advantage of the negative things in their life. The same goes for OCD. Most of us, including myself, fail to understand what makes us unique and how to use that to improve our life.

That’s understandable. We all strive for happiness with possibly little to no setbacks on the road to it. But life happens completely differently for most of us, and we should learn to adjust accordingly.

I hope you now have some ideas on how to take advantage of being an individual with OCD. Otherwise, I can help you out with some insights.

Please give me some suggestions. When I think about it and weigh all the pros and cons, I often prefer to be just a normal person.

Sure, here are some of the positive qualities characteristic of us with ocd - attention to detail, perseverance, empathy, and creativity. Please feel free to argue if you think that this is not true :smile:

I agree with the others but why perseverance? No offense, but I think that most people with OCD are relatively weak in their character.

People with OCD ideally know what perseverance is because they tend to have a strong desire to control their thoughts and environment. They also feel compelled to repeat specific actions or thoughts until they feel a sense of certainty or relief. This can lead to a persistent effort to complete tasks or rituals, even if they are time-consuming or stressful.

Wow, you are right. I couldn’t put it into words better than you did. However, we also tend to be a week in many situations. I guess its normal cause we cant persevere all the time.

Absolutely. We are not robots, and the pressure says its word at the end of the day. That’s why practices like mindfulness are beneficial for helping us let the thoughts pass without worrying and obsessing about them.

I am always looking forward to your reply. They make me so calm. Again, your statement makes a lot of sense, and I even have the desire to try some mindfulness these days.

I feel even better when I hear I made somebody’s journey easier. :slight_smile: Otherwise, mindfulness should help you, at least in a way, to spend time only and entirely for yourself and your well-being.

You have been a great help to my journey Joon. Mindfulness indeed helps me. It’s perfect doing it with the Spring season ongoing. Feels like a rebirth.

Yeah, right? :sweat_smile: I think everyone should start new activities/treatments around the Spring season cause it feels more natural to do everything.

Of course, it does. It was proven that students of all kinds have better pass rates during the second half of the study year because of the new year and the start of the Spring season.

It totally makes sense. Even though we can get the maximum of each season, for instance, creating a cozy atmosphere at home when it’s cold and dark with some candles and scents. We did that a lot at home during the last autumn/winter season, and it was relaxing.

That’s wonderful to hear! I dislike intense scents as I quickly get a headache, but the mild ones are lovely. Creating a cozy atmosphere at home during the colder seasons can be a great way to relax and enhance your well-being.

I love the sunny weekends now, but i also can’t wait for some summer storm to make me feel cozy with a candle again. I can’t believe i am so romantic as a man. :joy: