About the Real Event OCD category

Real Event OCD is a form of OCD that involves obsessions and compulsions that center around a specific past event (or series of events) that occurred in one’s life. Some examples of the compulsions and behaviors related to this type of OCD are as follows:

  • Constant thinking about a specific past event or events
  • Avoiding something or someone related to a specific past event
  • Revisiting (or avoiding) a place where a particular past event occurred
  • Obsessive thoughts about having once acted in an immoral or indecent manner
  • Excessive guilt or self-blame related to a specific past event
  • Obsessive thoughts about wanting to make amends for a specific past event

Please keep in mind that our platform is not meant for reassuring one’s compulsions or behaviors; instead, we are a community that helps and supports each other in terms of recovery.

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