Past embarrassing memories

I can not stop thinking about a few past events that made me look stupid in front of others. Those memories appear almost daily and make me feel extremely embarrassed and ashamed. In general, I try to appear as a calm and relaxed person in front of others, and this is how I prefer to feel in general. However, those memories do not leave me. Please suggest some solution apart from visiting doctors as I won’t have the time for that in the next few months.

Hi dear friend. I understand your situation, and I believe some therapy, in particular, ERP therapy, might benefit your case. Slowly facing those memories and understanding that they are over will help you move on. You can read further about this type of therapy or even consult with a doctor.

If you don’t have time for a therapist, then try out new things so that your mind keeps being occupied. By new things, I mean getting out there and meeting new people or doing sports outdoors. The idea is that you won’t have much time to be by yourself and dwell on those memories.

I would suggest the same thing. Also, there is a lot of literature on those topics and self-help techniques you can try in case you are not ready for professional consultation yet. Also, imagine that your friend deals with the same problems as you do. Try to ask yourself what advice would you give them.

I appreciate all of your ideas. I didn’t expect that. Every time I am more anxious or stressed, I can feel that I fall more and more into those memories.

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You are always welcome. Let us know which methods worked best for you.

Can you share maybe some of the most embarrassing memories you have? We will have e good laugh about it, and I am more than sure you will too and think less seriously about what happened.

We share some of our funny, uncomfortable memories in “Support groups for OCD.” Come and have a read, but please start with a story of yours also. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh, thanks for letting me know. I have many funny stories, but I am not sure whether my behavior was due to OCD or simple stupidity.

Maybe a little bit of both :stuck_out_tongue:. Even though OCD should be the main reason because after I got mine under control, I am more confident and have fewer weird situations.

I bet confident people also have embarrassing situations. It would be funny if someone wrote a book compilation of embarrassing stories from people with OCD. You can even post that question in multiple forums, compile the stories, and sell the book. :joy:

This would be so fun, no doubt. There should be at least 2-3 people who should gather around this idea and put all the stories in a book. Maybe more people because the text should be at least 100 pages unless it’s an ebook.

I guess most of us here in the community can try to compile a document with similar stories. I will try to collect at least a handful of them and create a topic soon. :yum:

I will create a document on google docs and add my funny OCD stories there. I will then wait for you to put yours, and hopefully, the others who read this thread can share something too.

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Fantastic idea. You can also share the document in other communities if someone wants to add a story they have experienced or heard about.

Where is the document so that I can add some stories too? I have a few funny moments with people thinking that I am a creep hearing me swallow compulsively. Also a couple of awkward social interactions.

We are waiting for William to share it. I think he is having a holiday at the moment. As I can remember, I read something like that in another discussion topic here. How is your compulsive swallowing problem now?

I still experience compulsive swallowing, especially when I am stressed at work. As I shared before, my friend helped me by advising me to take a specific homeopathic substances that made me calmer and somehow relaxed my nervous system as well. I shared in another community about it and some users got irritated because they do not believe that homeopthaty works in any way. For me it did though.

People are crazy nowadays. There is no logic in being rude to someone who shares their story of healing and improving some of their symptoms. As long as you don’t try to sell anything, their behavior is disrespectful, trying to claim your experience as false.

I know that everyone tends to be suspicious of more natural remedies, and I get it. But many medicines from the drugstore don’t work either, and at the same time, some drugs have even worse side effects. I wish more people were aware of this…