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Best OCD Books to Help You Understand and Manage Your Disorder If you live with OCD, it can be challenging to understand what you feel and why. That’s the reason why books about OCD can be helpful. These books offer insight into the disorder and strategies for managing it. This blog post will discuss some…

I was looking for a good book about OCD primarily because my boy was newly diagnosed with the condition. “Helping Your Child with OCD” seems like a valuable read for the situation.

I like the suggestions. I also want to add an excellent book that I read recently. It is called “The Social Anxiety Workbook for Work, Public & Social Life” by David Shanley, and it helps OCD sufferers deal with social anxiety in all life areas.

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Sounds like an exciting read. What is the best self-help book about OCD that you have read so far?

This is almost impossible to answer. I liked the one I posted above because it can be tremendously helpful if you follow the practices given for each situation. Read it first, and then I will provide you with other suggestions.

What about writing books? I find writing novels extremely relaxing and fulfilling. I recently wrote my first ebook also. Somehow creating makes me feel better than consuming (reading) something. Or maybe it’s just me.

Congratulations on your first ebook. This is a solid achievement. Whether writing books might be helpful for anxiety probably depends on whether you have a passion for it. We discussed how creating art and doing your favorite hobbies are beneficial for dealing with OCD in previous topics.

I will try to find that book. However, what is the best way to implement strategies from reading? Most people just read and do not do much if anything afterward to change their lives. What makes you act on the methods you read about?

That’s a good question, and it all depends on your motivation to solve your problem. If there are specific techniques that you need to implement in your life, you follow them routinely. No need to complicate things. Simply follow what’s written.

I don’t have good experience following guidelines and steps for achieving a particular goal. I always stop somewhere during the process due to multiple reasons like lack of motivation, uncertainty, laziness … I am motivated to start and finish something this season, though.

I understand now. Then people should find what makes them happy and do it more often. I always feel great when I write. I also have so much enthusiasm for writing more books in the future.

Then you should probably do it more often. You can even turn your hobby into a side hustle. There are so many people who sell ebooks on different platforms.

I have the thought of turning my book writing into a side hustle. I did a little research a few weeks ago and got disappointed at the amount of low-content books published daily. That way, it’s harder for people to find content that offers some great value.

I know what you mean; unfortunately, nowadays, people want to make money without really offering value. Do not get discouraged, though. If you have the wish and believe that others would love to read your content, then start writing.

I want to encourage everyone to read the “Obsessive-compulsive disorder diary” book by Charlotte Dennis. It is written in a very understandable and practical way. It has many sketches and daily tasks that will help you manage your OCD, whatever subtype.

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I am not discouraged in any way, just the opposite. I feel more enthusiastic about offering some value in a world where profit comes before value.

You are my type of person. Not everyone is looking for profit mainly without offering something meaningful but it is a growing trend nowadays. Let me know when your book is ready, so I can buy a copy.

So many alarming trends nowadays. Once I write something, I will send it to you to review. I like reading thriller books, so I want to come up with some thriller story about people with different disorders.

I like your idea, but please don’t put someone who is an OCD sufferer in a negative light in your book. Let it be someone normal who takes advantage of the flaws OCD people have or something like that.