Self-help techniques and tools for managing OCD

I have been trying to cope with my OCD through self-help techniques, but recently I am finding it challenging to stick to a consistent routine. I wonder if there are any apps or tools that some of you have found helpful in keeping track of your progress? Also, please suggest other tips on staying committed to a treatment plan despite feeling temporarily discouraged. I am going through a stressful time.

I understand that It can be challenging to stick to a consistent routine when coping with OCD, especially during a stressful time. Here are my two cents on your situation:

  1. Create a schedule for your self-help techniques and stick to it as much as possible. Having a set time to practice your techniques daily can help make them a habit.
  2. Use tools to track your progress. Many apps can help you track your progress and provide reminders to practice your self-help techniques.

I hope this helps

I like your two points for managing OCD, and I will try to follow them, but I still need some advice on specific tools that worked well for some of you. I’ve read a few articles and reviews, but I feel people review those apps to profit from being affiliates…

Hello mate, please check this topic here - Useful OCD apps - #3 by Anna
We discussed some useful ocd apps, and maybe some of those might be helpful for you as well.