OCD and hallucinations

I believe I suffer from OCD because I have always been obsessed with cleanliness. The problem is that I started to experience hallucinations from the begging of this year, and sometimes I don’t even realize this is happening. I haven’t talked with a doctor about it because I am a little scared of being put on medication that can eventually impact my work. I am not sure what to do, honestly.

I haven’t experienced hallucinations before, but I take medication for my OCD condition, and it does not impact my work in any negative way. If you are eventually prescribed any medication, do not fear its side effects.

In fatc, hallucinations can result from OCD and other conditions, so I recommend you discuss this issue with a professional. I agree with Joe that not all medication types will cause you any severe side effects.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I mentioned the side effects of medication because I read that many people experience that.

I am aware of this but also think that everyone can find the proper dosage and medication for themselves. The problem is that it requires time and communication with your therapist if what they initially prescribed does not work well.

From my experience, not every therapist is willing to discuss so much about what they prescribed you, let alone change the medication. I’m still curious whether there is something like a Trustpilot for therapists on the internet?

That’s true, so you need to ask a few times or change the therapist. Unfortunately, doing so is stressful, and many people don’t look for someone else once they are disappointed. I don’t know about websites for therapists reviews, but you can type the name of the specific therapist and search on the web for what people have said about them.

Cool, I will figure out what to do. I know that I should be patient, and I have no intention of letting my bad experience make me give up on solving my more significant issue. Cheers Joe :beers:

You are right, and fixing your issues should be your priority, even though there might be rocks on the way. I wish you the best of luck with finding a professional who will guide you along the way. :beers:

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