Finding balance while dealing with OCD

I’ve been here for a while, mostly passively participating by reading comments. I decided that I wished to address my issues to have a higher chance of solving them. Thus, I have struggled to balance my OCD with my daily responsibilities, such as work and family, and I am looking for advice on managing this balance. Can anyone share their experiences with maintaining healthy boundaries and setting priorities while coping with OCD? I am open to any new and unconventional ideas. Thank you.

Hi Lexy. The best you can do in finding balance is structure your thoughts. You can achieve that by creating a daily schedule. Plan out your day and set priorities for your time. This will help you to stay organized and on track with your responsibilities.

If you want an unconventional idea, then take the best of each approach that seems suitable to you and apply it in your daily routine. No reason to follow a specific plan made up by someone else. Create your own.

I prioritize tasks every day, and if I didn’t do so, I wouldn’t be able to stay sane at work and home. I do it in the simplest way possible - by rating what’s most important to do for my family and me. Some exciting activities are often left behind, but I am glad to pay the price.

I got it. I technically do the same, but I am also more adventurous by personality, so I often pick up random things to entertain myself, and the time is gone. I am not sure that even apps for eliminating distractions would help.

If you find the right app or software for you, then you might have an improvement. However, for this to happen, you need to try some of those. I remember turning off the sounds of all devices when I wanted to stay concentrated.

I leave my phone in the other room when I need to concentrate longer. I want it as simple as possible, which is a satisfactory solution for now.

It sounds logical enough. I found that my postpartum ocd improved when I spent less time on my phone, TV, and computer. I wish there were some detox cells with plants and beds around the cities so people could go and spend time alone and undisturbed.

I am glad that you found relief. As far as I know, there are some rooms like the ones you tried to describe, but it also depends on the country and region you live in. Going camping or in a summer cabin might also bring similar results.

I should do better research about similar retreats nearby. But I am curious what is your favorite way to relax and find peace in those busy times?

I am typically not so tricky when it comes to relaxing, so spending time in nature or enjoying a good movie are my favorite ways. For you, I recommend finding some activities that bring you joy and help you unwind to recharge and find inner peace.

It’s great to hear that spending time in nature and enjoying a good movie are some of your favorite ways to relax. Engaging in activities that bring us joy and help us unwind is essential for our overall well-being.

I agree. Do you find those ways as effective for relaxing your mind and letting go of daily frustrations?

The former, yes, but I get anxious with movies sometimes. Maybe it’s the combination of sitting still and the moving plot of the film sometimes.

I understand ahah. I rarely feel like you do with movies, but it’s highly uncomfortable when I do. Apparently, looking at the screen for some hours is not for everyone with ocd.

It’s not for everyone with OCD, ADHD, and anxiety. Maybe some occasional breaks might help me finish the movie, but it still feels like an unnatural activity.

I am sorry for that. There are many good movies available, really worth watching. I hope you can handle that problem at some point so you can enjoy some of them.

I hope so, too, and will indeed create a plan that will help me achieve that in the future. My family is also frustrated when I can’t watch a simple movie with them occasionally.

I love your determination, and I am sure you will find a way to relax for a while during movie time. :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s a bit too late to share my experience as the post is dated, but I recently had the same problem whose solution was surprisingly easy. Namely, I had to write down all my goals and allocate energy only to the activities related to achieving them. It was that simple, really.