Finding balance while dealing with OCD

I’ve been here for a while, mostly passively participating by reading comments. I decided that I wished to address my issues to have a higher chance of solving them. Thus, I have struggled to balance my OCD with my daily responsibilities, such as work and family, and I am looking for advice on managing this balance. Can anyone share their experiences with maintaining healthy boundaries and setting priorities while coping with OCD? I am open to any new and unconventional ideas. Thank you.

Hi Lexy. The best you can do in finding balance is structure your thoughts. You can achieve that by creating a daily schedule. Plan out your day and set priorities for your time. This will help you to stay organized and on track with your responsibilities.

If you want an unconventional idea, then take the best of each approach that seems suitable to you and apply it in your daily routine. No reason to follow a specific plan made up by someone else. Create your own.

I prioritize tasks every day, and if I didn’t do so, I wouldn’t be able to stay sane at work and home. I do it in the simplest way possible - by rating what’s most important to do for my family and me. Some exciting activities are often left behind, but I am glad to pay the price.