How to Deal with OCD Racing Thoughts

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If you have OCD, you know that the thoughts that go through your head can be incredibly intrusive and overwhelming. It can be challenging to focus on anything else when constantly bombarded with them. Racing thoughts are a common symptom of OCD, and they can be tough to deal with in most cases. This blog…

Can I have racing thoughts because of other conditions than OCD? I often have thoughts about harming those who made me feel uncomfortable at some point but have no clue what is the reason for those thoughts.

I was doing ACT and learned to accept the thoughts that come to my mind. I think that is the first and best thing you can do as a start. Accept the thoughts as guests that will eventually leave, say hi to them, and continue doing your tasks.

There are a bunch of disorders associated with racing thoughts. I believe that talking with a specialist is the best solution for you.

I understand. I have a suspicion that it is due to OCD after doing some online tests. Anyway, I will ask for professional help too because I feel I cant deal with those thoughts on my own.

Online tests can be helpful but do not trust them entirely. A professional has a proven approach to asking you the questions they need for your specific case.

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I fully support your opinion. When someone is in doubt about a particular condition, they must consult with a qualified specialist. On the other hand, many helpful websites offer further information for treatment and tips for dealing with each specific condition.

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