OCD and Violent Thoughts 

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OCD and Violent Thoughts: How to Deal with intrusive thoughts Most people have heard of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), an anxiety disorder where obsessions cause irrational thoughts, worry, and fear.  In contrast, compulsions come from a need to rid these thoughts,  worries, and fears by performing rituals to alleviate the anxiety created by these obsessions. And…

I resonate with the experience of the article’s author. I am in my twenties now, having highly disturbing violent thoughts daily. However, I feel really reluctant about sharing them with someone.

Do not feel ashamed or weird about the thoughts you have. If you read most of the topics in the forum, we all suffer from OCD and its effects. If you start treating it, you will see the light in the tunnel. Feel free to ask anything you have in mind. I will help as much as I can. I believe the others too.

I also want to advise you not to feel ashamed about your condition. I was precisely in the same boat but finally opened up and decided to take things into control. Now I’m still on the way to healing, but definitely better than before.

It is not only the shame but also I feel angry at myself. For wasting my time, my energy and life …
Other people my age seem happy and set for their life, while I feel like a loser.

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I have problems with anger management, too, even after treatment. The best thing that still works is looking at things from a more humorous perspective. Try to laugh off every situation that makes you feel frustrated or furious. At first, it is hard, but slowly, you will adjust.

I was going to write the same. Another thing that can make you more confident is starting to make your dreams and goals come true. Entering the flow state will significantly reduce your moments of being angry or regretful.

Everyone strives to stay for a longer time in a state of flow. What I see as a huge problem nowadays is that it’s tough to keep focused because there are so many distractions around. And it’s getting more and more. I believe that reducing social media and all other video content to a minimum is the way to start keeping focused and disciplined.

I need to put on the hard work and enter that flow state you are talking about. I have many things I wish to start, but figuring out how to start and the fear of failure is stopping me.

Oh, come on, get out of that fear bubble. Try to do at least one thing you have been postponing now. I don’t want to be harsh, but I don’t think being nice will give you the needed push.

I will be a little harsher and say that a person gets angrier at the wasted time in regrets later in life instead of having done something memorable. I hope Cassie takes it right and knows we want to help.

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You are not harsh at all. I realize what you are saying myself, but I often need someone else to repeat to take action. Take you for your comment. It means you care about my situation. I send you much love.

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Even more love and peace to you, Cassie. We believe in you and are sure that you will find the strength within you to cope with the current issue. Remember that great results take effort and time.

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I want to say that last week I signed up for acting classes, which I have been wanting for a few years now. I was afraid people would judge me for doing this too late. Guess what? I could see only positivity in the people’s eyes and can’t explain how happy I am now.

You go, girl. I will wait now for you to paper in some commercial or serial on Netflix. :star_struck: We are never too old to start doing what our heart wants.

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I don’t set such high hopes for myself, but I like to hear similar words from others. I hope that I won’t fail this time for some reason because I really enjoy acting.

I believe you will go far and even further when you start to believe more in yourself. I wish I could have a hobby I consistently enjoy, but this hasn’t happened in the last few years.

I don’t quite understand this part. I am sure you have something you liked ten years ago and still like it. Think about what this or those things can be and start doing it again.

I like a few things, but I no longer feel the need to have time for my hobbies like before. I prefer to incorporate useful habits into my daily life, like cooking something good, giving advice and support to my friends, etc.