OCD Awareness

Actually, I am okay with numbers of all kinds :sweat_smile: Well, it seems that people are shy and don’t want to add anything to our stupidly funny quote game.

Unfortunately, I run out of ideas, also. It would have been great if more people joined our silly but also exciting exchange of quotes conversation. :sweat_smile:

You are right. Here is a funny one - “I have OCD and ADD. Together, it’s like my brain is a crazy person on a sugar rush.”

Ha! That’s a creative and lighthearted way to describe the challenges of OCD and ADD. See this one - “I have OCD, which means everything has to be perfect… except my life.”

Oh, I’ve heard about that one. Still, no one wants to join us … ugh…

I am sorry to hear about that. It indeed feels a little lonely. We can stop if you don’t feel comfortable with us sharing those quotes. It was pretty funny, though.

I will stop until someone else joins… if it ever happens. :sweat_smile:

You betrayed our funny chat :frowning:

You guys are crazy. I wonder how your chat is not deleted yet. :grinning: Unfortunately, I don’t know any ocd quotes and cant join.

Thanks for your opinion Anna but please comment here when you have a quote about OCD or something of the sort. This topic is just for fun, so I don’t see anything wrong.

Fair, enough. “My OCD is so bad, I alphabetize my M&M’s by color before I eat them. But don’t worry, it’s a pretty sweet disorder.”

Hahah, I like that one. I think I’ve heard a similar one or even the same, but I am not sure about it. Anyway, thank you for your contribution to our silly little conversation.

Thanks for spending some time with us here, Anna. I like your quote, and I literally did the same with other candies by sorting them by color.

Hahaha. Did you have a specific color candy you didn’t want to eat? I remember I never wanted to eat the green ones.

That’s hilarious, Joe. It wasn’t the same case with me. I just had favorite ones.

See, we are different. By the way, what was your ocd issue, friend? I can’t remember anything more about you than our crazy conversation exchanging quotes.