OCD Awareness

Actually, I am okay with numbers of all kinds :sweat_smile: Well, it seems that people are shy and don’t want to add anything to our stupidly funny quote game.

Unfortunately, I run out of ideas, also. It would have been great if more people joined our silly but also exciting exchange of quotes conversation. :sweat_smile:

You are right. Here is a funny one - “I have OCD and ADD. Together, it’s like my brain is a crazy person on a sugar rush.”

Ha! That’s a creative and lighthearted way to describe the challenges of OCD and ADD. See this one - “I have OCD, which means everything has to be perfect… except my life.”

Oh, I’ve heard about that one. Still, no one wants to join us … ugh…

I am sorry to hear about that. It indeed feels a little lonely. We can stop if you don’t feel comfortable with us sharing those quotes. It was pretty funny, though.

I will stop until someone else joins… if it ever happens. :sweat_smile:

You betrayed our funny chat :frowning:

You guys are crazy. I wonder how your chat is not deleted yet. :grinning: Unfortunately, I don’t know any ocd quotes and cant join.

Thanks for your opinion Anna but please comment here when you have a quote about OCD or something of the sort. This topic is just for fun, so I don’t see anything wrong.

Fair, enough. “My OCD is so bad, I alphabetize my M&M’s by color before I eat them. But don’t worry, it’s a pretty sweet disorder.”

Hahah, I like that one. I think I’ve heard a similar one or even the same, but I am not sure about it. Anyway, thank you for your contribution to our silly little conversation.

Thanks for spending some time with us here, Anna. I like your quote, and I literally did the same with other candies by sorting them by color.

Hahaha. Did you have a specific color candy you didn’t want to eat? I remember I never wanted to eat the green ones.

That’s hilarious, Joe. It wasn’t the same case with me. I just had favorite ones.

See, we are different. By the way, what was your ocd issue, friend? I can’t remember anything more about you than our crazy conversation exchanging quotes.

I have symmetry OCD and, unfortunately, was diagnosed with ADHD not a long time ago too. However, my life is still working well cause I don’t take the conditions too seriously.

I’m impressed. I bet you do manage so well cause you seem to be a humorous person. I wish more people with ocd could have a similar approach.

You are not far from the truth. I take things and challenges easier than the average person, which keeps me going. I’ve been like this most of my life, but I bet everyone can acquire that vision.

Yes and no. I noticed some individuals don’t like complicated things and prefer to keep it that way, even for the cost of their resilience. However, those with the wish and inner urge can easily acquire a similar approach.