Essential oils for OCD

I always find relief from a bad day by rubbing some concentrated rose or mint oil on my skin. Searching for other suitable oils, I stumbled upon a few articles on how essential oils can help with OCD symptoms.

The intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors can take over your life and make it hard to function normally. Fortunately, several essential oils can help ease the symptoms of OCD:

If you know about other oils, plants, or tea that can potentially help with OCD, feel free to share. :four_leaf_clover:

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Aromatherapy works wonders. I can not live without spraying my room and linens with lavender essence. It makes me feel relieved, relaxed, and even more creative.

I love mint, too. I have it in oils, sprays, tea, bubble gum, and basically everywhere in my home. It never fails to make me feel more relaxed and refreshed.

It seems strange, but I like orange oil because it positively energizes me. Now I feel curious to explore other oils and scents.

I will try orange oil too. I think the combination with cinnamon would smell pretty cozy and relaxing.

So many great suggestions for essential oils. :heart_eyes: And yes, cinnamon and orange oil sound great when mixed. Now I cant relax, and I crave to combine them on my own tonight. Unfortunately, I don’t have both of them in-house. :sweat_smile:

I feel the same way now. :grin: What about vanilla essence? I remember I read somewhere that it has calming effects.

It has calming and soothing effects, I just checked it. Now I crave to smell some vanilla :heart_eyes: Please add more suggestions :grin:

Sandalwood. ylang ylang. We should create a brand with a blend of oils for OCD. Such a great niche. :smile:

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Well, this is a good suggestion indeed. I think that it will sell like crazy. See all those candle businesses that make millions. It looks like people like to relax in a lovely scented environment.

I like lilac, and this is straight from google " lilac essential oil is well known for its effects on stress and anxiety." I have always adored its smell and didn’t even know it had those effects before.

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I said it as a joke, but now I like the idea more and more. I will try to brainstorm ways to make the idea real in the future. Add some suggestions if you feel like it or have time. :cherry_blossom:

Maybe you should consult with someone to create the right blends. You can also read about it and be creative too.

I am not an expert in oils, but I find camomile relaxing and use it basically for everything.

You are so creative here. Another proof that people with OCD come up with original ideas quite often. I can’t wait to see how this progresses.

I have a wish to read and create the blends myself, or at least primarily by myself. I always had a taste for things but haven’t used that quality of mine much. Now there is a good chance for it.

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Then that’s a fantastic opportunity for you to do so. Start in your garage as most starts :sweat_smile:

I am sad I didn’t come up with this idea myself. It would be unethical to steal it now. I am a good person. :grinning:

I can make you a partner If you have ideas for the business and want to put on some work. I don’t think I can manage the whole thing solely by myself. I need someone with strong executive skills.

I am a pretty grounded person in general. I can be helpful too. The problem is that recently I’ve been short on time and have to reschedule all my activities. At least I want to help with practical advice if you need it.