How exercise helps with OCD

I want to share my experience of how exercise helps me ease OCD symptoms. I run long distances almost daily and swim in the evening. I found out that exercise helps me reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, training provides me with a sense of structure and routine, and I almost don’t have moments when I feel out of control. In addition, I feel delighted exercising with friends, which leaves me in an excellent mood for hours.

I recommend you to try doing your favorite sport daily. I am sure you will see a difference in your OCD symptoms for good. You can even read some studies on the positive effects of exercise on OCD. Here is one example of such a study where people report less anxiety and a better mood overall.

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Excellent suggestion, @Sofie. I have felt the positive effect of exercise on myself and have seen it on those around me. Instead of eating cookies to feel better, people should exercise more to heal from every condition, including anxiety disorders.

Here we go. I plan to quit my OCD medication and go boxing daily, but I’m still afraid to do that. Maybe I can start little by little or at least reach the level where I take one type of medication.

Thank you for the post, @Sofie. Do you have any idea what kind of exercise mainly helps with OCD?

I really tried to find where I’ve read that it was more cardio-related exercises. However, any type of sport would be helpful. I think that you should do the one you mostly like as this will automatically make you happier in addition to the other sound effects. Also, you might want to read this story. It is inspirational:

Thank you for the appreciation :brown_heart:. Yes, sweets are definitely not the long-term solution. What exercise do you like to do the most?

I am delighted we have such knowledgeable members in the forum like you, Sofie. I like going to the gym, training with weights, and biking. Also, no sweets for me. :sweat_smile:

With harm ocd, I exercise when I follow my thoughts and fight with someone ;).

@Joon, my friend, I can’t stop laughing while I know it’s not funny. Do some karate or boxing. I believe you will excel at those sports.

I have a blue belt but with OCD I don’t practice karate for defense only :grin: What is your favorite sport mate?

Blue belt? You are a machine, Joon :smiley: Good luck getting the black one. I used to enjoy cycling a lot, but recently I haven’t done it for a long time. Maybe a good idea for this weekend.

Move your lazy butt a little, then. The beginning of spring is fantastic for spending more time outdoors doing sports or having some walks in nature.

I think you need to tell me this also. I get motivated when people are rude to me. :sweat_smile:

Oh, do not allow anyone to be rude to you. I feel you need to work on your self-discipline :grin:

This is exactly what she needs to do in the first place. Waiting for people to get irritated so that you would start your tasks is another lousy habit, dear @Kristin.

I think it is better not to irritate certain people…a little aggressive like me :crazy_face: Otherwise, ya, it is beneficial to you to get rid of this habit.

Mates, please have some mercy. I will start learning how to be more self-disciplined. A little tricky because I’m too soft and don’t really want to :grin:

You look like such a cute person. I can’t imagine you being aggressive. Let’s make a deal; you stop being aggressive, and I will become more self-disciplined. :facepunch:

Now I see that challenging people is easy, but when they challenge you is unpleasant. I can try, but don’t promise anything. But let’s try. I will do my best :sunglasses:

Start with some small steps. For example, keep your place clean, do some digital cleaning on your devices, stay hydrated, do not eat much at once, etc. You will gradually see that you have more energy, and your mind stays clear. Then you can start implementing more things into your routine, and you will begin to feel great when you have things under control.