OCD Relapse

Originally published at: OCD Relapse | Based on personal experience

OCD Relapse: How to Deal with OCD Symptoms When They Come Back  It’s not unusual for people with OCD to experience a relapse after doing well for a while. When this happens, it can be scary and confusing. It’s important to remember that a relapse is not a sign of failure and that you can…

I intuitively try to maintain healthy lifestyle habits as suggested in the article. For now, I have not experienced extreme anxiety-like symptoms like those before treatment, which means that I probably haven’t experienced an OCD relapse.

You are a great example that self-care and living more naturally lead to incredible results. It took me a long time to implement the necessary changes in my routine until I started to feel consistently good. It was mainly a struggle with moving more and limiting my sedentary time.

When I feel anxious and worried, I close myself inside and stay by myself until it passes. Through the years, I noted that no matter my lifestyle, there are always those moments when the anxiety hits at some point, and that’s it.

I feel like you, but I also found out that going out to have coffee with a good friend or just by myself makes me feel better. The point is to get up and treat yourself to what makes you usually happy.

Creating good vibes and treating yourself well is an excellent approach for fixing anxiety, at least in the short term. I find it better than closing myself and waiting until I feel good again. I noticed that by staying inside by myself, time passes very slowly while my mind is in all directions.

I’ve learned that there are many healthy ways to implement in your lifestyle, but all those ways work differently for different people. For example, I hate eating fruits and don’t understand how fruitarians are healthy and slim.