How exercise helps with OCD

I have a similar understanding, even though sometimes I try to do things I am not interested in. I do this all for the sake of improving my brain elasticity and experiencing new emotions, which might help eliminate any destructive thoughts.

I think we all do things we don’t want/not interested in. However, when we do that voluntarily, then the change really happens for the better, so congratulations on that.

Yeah, it is game-changing when we make it a habit to do uncomfortable things that are good for us in the long term. Life is not easy, and mainly those who put more effort and act smart have it more fulfilling.

That’s what every adult should know if they haven’t learned it earlier. I am impressed by the high number of complaining people always waiting for others to fix their problems.

I also get frustrated by the same thing from time to time. However, I prefer to calm myself with the thought that everyone is different and at a different stage of building their character.

Yeah, that’s the best way to keep calm in case you get frustrated by someone’s behavior. I hate to calm myself down because of others, but I do it almost daily anyway.

Yeah, I wish I could eliminate at least half of my daily interactions with people, but I probably have to think differently. For instance, learning how not to get tired from others. Currently, without some wine, I can’t succeed.

You better find a way to be more laid back. If you are anxious, others can sense that, and it’s more likely to perceive you as a potential victim. Basic human psychology explains a lot. Maybe read more about the topic.