OCD and boredom

Sometimes I feel that my thoughts eat me out alive when bored. That’s why I want to hear what helps you beat boredom when you have OCD. Please, I want to hear only about the methods you tried that worked for you.

Well, don’t stay much at home. Simple as that. If you have a lot of free time, climb some hill or go jogging in the nearest park.

I am following the topic. I also want to know helpful methods for coping with boredom.:slightly_smiling_face:

When I get bored, I usually try to look at my calendar with future tasks, trips, dinners, etc. When I check everything, I try to think about how prepared I am and do things that can help me in the future. It is an excellent way to forget about boredom and utilize your time instantly.

When I get bored, I simply lay down and fall asleep. I usually feel well-rested when I wake up and get back to normal tasks. I understand that not everyone can fall asleep whenever they decide, but maybe you can try,

I haven’t tried this yet. It sounds somewhat effective. Thank you, mate. :muscle:

It is really difficult for me to fall asleep during the day. I have to be extremely tired to do so. Maybe laying down listening to relaxing music might give some result. :thinking:

I do that also sometimes. It works when I put on some classical music. Also, I recently discovered that by listening to productive music playlists, I do my tasks faster and stay concentrated for longer. Another thing you can try if you wish.

If you try to spend more time searching for ideas for killing boredom, you will find many things you haven’t tried before. Moreover, if you are open to trying most of the things you saw, you will likely find a favorite boredom-breaking habit.

Can you search instead of me? :grinning: Jokes apart, I will listen to your advice and try to be open-minded about the possible solutions.

I like the new Kristin, so decisive and wise. I am waiting to hear what you find. Just to give you a little push. :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I found another excellent way to kill boredom. I have always been interested in graphic design, so I simply started reading about new programs and features that I could try.

Daydreaming is still my favorite thing to do when bored or even busy. Now I see why it is a science-backed tip for killing boredom. It really makes times fly fast.

Daydreaming is fantastic, but it makes me too distracted. For example, if I am driving, I can hit someone. Many times I was on the verge of doing so.

Then don’t daydream while you are doing something that requires your concentration. Try to schedule your daydreaming for the evenings.

I know, I know. However, it is so hard to resist. Sometimes I catch myself doing it without realizing it. Have you ever had a problem with the same thing?

Yes, I used to have it often, but I built the habit of leaving the daydreaming later for the day or evening. Usually, I don’t have essential things to do at that time. That’s why I suggested you try it out. Be aware that it takes some time, like 2-3 weeks, to get used to it.

OK, I read your comment last week and tried to do the thing with scheduling the daydreaming for a few days now. I can’t say its working, but maybe I have to be more patient :thinking:

You have to be more patient for sure. I would say I was on the verge of giving up trying to get used to that habit, but my virtual friend encouraged me to keep trying. I can do the same for you :hugs:

I am still trying, though. I feel slight results because I feel more focused during the day now. I am getting a recommendation to send you a personal message, but I don’t think that our discussion is irrelevant. I believe that it might be helpful for others, too, so we can continue it here.