OCD Relapse

I don’t celebrate, but when I am too happy with myself or the circumstances, I often go somewhere and have an nice coffee with something on the side. Pretty much by myself as I don’t like to share my victories in real life or brag about something.

Oh wow, you are such a noble person. Just kidding. That’s a good way to celebrate, especially small victories.

Haha, I am not noble at all. I am just lazy and self-sufficient most of the time. Maybe lazier, but I like it that way.

Almost everyone is lazy nowadays in one way or another. Looking back, just five years ago, I was getting the work done way faster and more efficiently than I do now.

We are distracted asf. I can’t put my mind together even for half an hour. I do a hundred things at a time and don’t get anything done.

Then it’s time to do some dopamine detox. Your mental health will thank you also. Too much distraction leads to excessive anxiety and poor results at work, study, and other areas of life.

I do those detoxes once in a while for a short period. The problem is that I have a management position and must have my phone almost all the time. I sometimes miss the freedom I had a couple of years ago.

Well, there are some salt rooms where you can relax for 30 mins without electronics. Maybe get use of similar options or even some spa time.

I can’t find a similar one next to where I live. However, a sauna might be helpful. I haven’t been in a long time.

Yeah, there were many articles about the positive effects of saunas. It should be good for most people except those with high blood pressure and heart problems. If you have one of these, then pick some other activity.

My blood pressure is a bit irregular, but as far as I know, that’s with most people. Also, I never felt uncomfortable in any way during my sauna visits, so I assume everything is ok with it.

I wouldn’t say it’s a normal thing to have irregular blood pressure. Maybe get that checked out.

To specific numbers it’s considered normal, or this is what my doctor told me last time I was getting it checked. Maybe it’s a little worse now, as I feel different energy levels throughout the day.

I usually have those basic checks more often than once a year, and sometimes I pay for checking my numbers in private clinics. I often feel paranoid that I might not get the best medical help after a story from friends who had different blood results at three clinics.

Some would say that it’s too much, but I get you. I often feel like that, too, but I can’t remember the last time I went to get a second opinion. Indeed, that should change the more I thought about it these days.

Seeking a second opinion can be beneficial, offering fresh perspectives and ensuring well-informed decisions. Don’t hesitate to explore other viewpoints when needed. I know from experience it can lead to better choices and understanding.

I will do so, but I am a little afraid not to get confused. Often too many options or perspectives do worse than good to me.

Well, then do it with someone you consider knowledgeable. I know for some people, it’s easier to make decisions when they are assisted.

I can surely do that, but obviously, sometimes I have to make certain decisions alone. :frowning:

Don’t overthink and take a step to improving the situation. You will build confidence along the way. :slight_smile: