Support Groups for OCD

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Support Groups for OCD: A Place to Find Help and Hope If you are struggling with OCD, you are not alone. Many people are in the same situation as you. That is why joining a support group for OCD can be so helpful. These groups offer a place to find hope and help from others who understand…

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Thank you for the information, my friend. :pray: Those groups should be really helpful and more people should try joining at least one of them.

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I recently joined a local support group and I highly recommend this for everyone with ocd. We are not talking only boring stuff but have our own events and its a lot fun.

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I am glad you find this information useful. Honestly, I was skeptical about joining a support group before. However, after joining a few I am really happy I decided to be part of them as I found many amazing friends there and learned practical things I didn’t know prior to that.

This is an amazing list of support groups, @William. I am part of NAMI and get a lot of support from the other members. We all have unique OCD symptoms but in such big groups, you are so likely to find someone with almost the same symptoms as you. It’s really funny when you do so, you instantly become friends.

Yeah, the friendships you build there are amazing. There is nothing better than a group of friends with ocd being around each other :upside_down_face:

There should be a movie about that if there isn’t already. A group of ocd friends and their adventures :sweat_smile:

There are a few movies with characters with ocd. Actually, I have watched “Toc Toc”, it was really funny. It is about a group of patients with OCD who wait for their therapist. However, he turns out to be late and they have to stand each other’s weird behavior. Give it a try, I bet you will laugh a lot.

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Sound really interesting. It is so unusual i haven’t watched any movie about OCD though. You gave me a great idea for the next Friday! :star_struck:

I perfectly understand what you mean Sofie. I already know maybe 3 people who are my OCD twins :sweat_smile:

This is hilarious. I should definitely join more support groups then. Somehow I find inspiration in my family to be a better person and haven’t felt much need to discuss my condition with others. But now you made me really interested in finding my OCD twins. :smile: :pray:

You guys create new phrases here, I like it. I would really recommend you find some local support groups as well. I know you maybe have a lot of virtual friends which is great but OCD needs more physical interaction also. The easiest is just to search on google or simply ask a local therapist for more information.

Local support groups are great for sure. Somehow the pandemic made us all really closed for real interactions, especially with new people. I feel the effect on me as well.

The pandemic made it hard for everyone, especially for those with mental problems. What is worse, I can notice that many people developed more mental problems from the fear and isolation bombarded them. I really hope for the better in the future.

What you say cant be more right. I see so many people around me whose mental health changed for the worse. There is event after event that causes people constant fear and stress. We need to be here to support each other and also be helpful and kind with others in the real world.

That’s spot on. As I can see, we are creating a safe and helpful environment that makes me feel rejuvenated in many ways. Thank you all :pray:

I am over the moon to see so much activity after my post. A little self gratitude, hehe. Otherwise, I advocate for joining local support groups too. We need both real-life and virtual support.

I can’t agree more. Especially now when it’s spring, time for new beginnings and acquaintances. If there are no support groups near you, you can create one. If you know at least one or two people with OCD in your area, you can start your meetings, and then other people will start joining too.

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You can literally hold your support group meetings at the library at first. This is how my current local support group started. So as long as you find a few enthusiastic people about it, you can start meeting and creating events right away.

This is genius. You can literally hold any group meetings in the library, which gives space for a lot of creativity.

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