How exercise helps with OCD

I woke up too early today and wondered how to fill my time before starting work. Now is the perfect time for me to have a walk in the park then. Take care all and have a fantastic weekend.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too. I would highly recommend surfing or windsurfing during the summer. I haven’t done it for years; it was yesterday when I surfed again. Feels incredible.

You don’t get up early enough if it’s too warm for you while jogging. :grin: I find dancing stress-relieving recently. If you don’t know how to dance or don’t do it often, I think you should try it.

I will try it if you teach me to dance. I am like a tree and don’t even try to move much in public. I missed so many ladies in my life that way after I couldn’t correctly dance with them. :melting_face:

I’m giggling in the back seat of the car now. If you are such a lousy dancer some basic lessons would not be a bad idea. You know, start slowly and cautiously as every new begging you have in life, and you will eventually see progress.

I will teach you, of course. I am a good citizen and like to help disabled people.
Jokes aside, you need to start dancing every day, and within a few months, you will be less of a tree.

Alright, enough about that; I will share if I have some progress which won’t be soon. Do you find any other physical activity more stress-relieving than dancing which is easier for me to do?

You can walk on the treadmill in the gym :joy: That’s the easiest thing I can think of now. It still has good effects on the mind and body anyway, so why not do that?

You made it too easy for him. He needs to leave his books for a while and learn to do things in real life :wink:

Do you think that you are funny, the two of you? I can only agree that the treadmill is not a bad idea for me after all. However, I am not such a bookworm as you think I am. I try to be consistent with what I do and remember what I read. You can learn how to do that too, dear princesses.

Haha, keep calm, dear Joon. You can be as much efficient while learning how to dance. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
If it helps, read a manual about it in a book and try to perform along with video instructions and a partner afterward. It should work with practice.

Of course, it should work. I know that if I believe it will, it will happen easier. :sweat_smile:

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You might know many things, but we like to hear about actual results. So please, I need an update from you to either mock you or think about something else that can challenge you. :wink:

Alright, Kristin, I am still like a tree, and this wouldn’t change soon, but eventually, it will. I hope this makes sense. :sweat_smile: I am trying to figure out how to change it in the least stressful way. :grin:

Ok, I am giving up on you … soon. So many non-stressful ways to increase your plasticity for you. You can do these at home, watch videos, try doing the same, etc.

Maybe I don’t want it so bad since I am not finding a way to include it in my routine. I’ve become sluggish in terms of physical activity recently. You can continue making fun of me, but don’t give up on me, please :frowning:

I won’t do that, don’t worry. Its too satisfying to make fun of your clever mind and wooden body :joy:
Anyway, as long as you do some cardio-like running, you will be good to go.

I hope that someone else joins this conversation because we sound ridiculous. It doesn’t help that you can’t stop mocking me. But don’t worry, I will wait for you to bring up another problem of yours and return you the favor.

I was quietly reading your conversation here, laughing. If I were in your place, I would say that I learned a move or two that enables me to dance confidently for a few seconds or so.

I don’t like to lie, especially in a place where we talk about our deep struggles and insecurities. However, from now on, I will lie about my inability to dance well. :smiley: